Laboratory Testing Services

At Grosvenor Oil Services and through their partners at Transoil Laboratory, they are able to offer a comprehensive condition monitoring service to aid early transformer fault detection through Dissolved Gas Analysis. Monitoring and maintaining insulating oil quality and the integrity of a transformer are essential for ensuring reliable operation and the detection of incipient faults at the earliest possible opportunity. Condition monitoring is the most cost effective way to ensure that failure is kept to a minimum and capital expenditure is reduced, improving reliability and service supply to customers.
A full range of other standard insulating oil/fluid tests can be undertaken including Acidity, Electric Strength, Water Content, Colour, Sediment, Fibres, Resistivity and DDF. In addition contamination analysis such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB), Particles and Phenols, Furanic Compounds and Corrosive Sulphur. The Laboratory is ISO9001 and Achilles UVDB verified.